Dean Ronda, Congressional Candidate

Get to Know Dean Ronda Baldwin Kennedy, Congressional Candidate

I am a wife and working mom who still believes in all of the potential that America has to offer, which is why I decided to say yes when I was asked to run for Congress.

As an attorney and small business owner I’ve seen the effects of too many regulations and taxes that are too high. California is becoming unaffordable for working families and that is making it impossible for our children to be able to plan a future here.

As an educator and mother I care deeply about our schools and just shake my head as the state that is home to the greatest advances in technology and bio-tech fails generation after generation of its children.

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran I remain 100% committed to care and support for our veterans, and to maintaining a military fighting force whose ability to project strength is so great that we may be largely left in peace.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and am the granddaughter of the first African-American elected to the Wisconsin State Legislature. I was raised with the fundamental principle that there is no substitute for hard work. It was this philosophy that helped me to get through college and later on at American Heritage University School of Law (AHUSOL) at 40 years old, working as a full-time paralegal, with newborn triplets.

I am currently a practicing lawyer in Ventura County as well as the Dean of American Heritage University School of Law. I live in Oak Park with my husband Michael and our six-year-old triplets, Annabel, Bianca, and Liam.

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Ronda Baldwin Kennedy


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