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Printed Transcripts »

As a student, you can place a request to have your official transcripts mailed. You will need to download and complete the Transcript Request Form. It must be completed with your signature and emailed to: .

Electronic Transcripts »

Students also have the option of requesting electronic transcripts. The request for your electronic Official Transcripts can be made using the Online Transcript Request System. Student validation is required.

Academic Textbooks »

A list of all textbooks used in each year of legal education as AHUSOL can be found by on this PDF document. Please note that AHUSOL will use a textbook edition for up to five(5) years after the edition's release. Updates are made without notice.

Learning Module System »

AHUSOL uses Populi. Students, faculty, and staff can view progress and grade reports and interact each other 24/7 through this platform. Populi is accessible through your tablet, smartphone, and computer. Login here.

Graduation Requirements »

Students enrolled in the JD program must successfully pass all courses, pass the First Year Law Student Exam, and complete at least 103 units, pursuant to CalBar rules and AHUSOL policies. To apply for graduation, complete the following Graduation Application Form.

Archived Lectures »

Every lecture that commences in AHUSOL courses are archived. Students currently enrolled in a course can access missed lectures through the course shell in Populi. All other archived lecutures are accessible through AHUSOL's Wistia Channel.

Downloadable Forms »

All forms are available through Populi web. You please visit Populi (login required) to access all downloadable forms. The forms are in two possible formats; Adobe® PDF and Microsoft® Excel. You will need to have these programs installed on your computer or smartphone.

Academic Catalog »

AHUSOL's Academic Catalog is available for download on this page. The catalog contains important information such as course descriptions, policies and procedures, rules and other governing regulations, and other general information. It is updated annually.

First-Year Examination »

Students are required to pass the First Year Law Students Examination after successful completion of the First Year of Legal Education. After admission to AHUSOL, students must register with the State Bar of California within 60 days. Review the complete details here.

Moral Character »

A positive moral character determination is one of several requirements for admission to the practice of law in California. Because the moral character review process can take a minimum of six months to complete, law students should begin their application no later than the beginning of their last year of law study. Learn more.

General Bar Examination »

To become a licensed attorney in California, students who have completed the Juris Doctor (JD) program at AHUSOL must take and pass the General Bar Examination. The exam is offered twice a year. For complete details regarding dates, fees, and more, visit the State Bar's website.

Passage Rates »

AHUSOL keeps a comprehensive passrate record of first-time takers and repeaters of the First-Year Law Students Examination (FYLSX) and the California General Bar Examination (GBX). This public record displays the last five(5) years of data. View the data on the passage rates page. This data is updated anually.

Important Disclosures »

AHUSOL is not approved by the American Bar Association , and not accredited by the State Bar of California. The School of Law is registered with the State Bar of California to enable its graduates to take the bar examination upon completion of the Juris Doctor program. Read the full disclosures.


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