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My Journey at American Heritage University School of Law

My journey into the legal world began when I myself was going through one of the hardest times in my life. It was my attorney at the time who had encouraged me, believed in me, and motivated me to fight for what was right. A few years later—just when I thought I was done with school, I realized I wanted to do more. I wanted to give back, and do for others, what that attorney had done for me.

I chose AHU Law after dropping in on a few lectures. After speaking with a few other students and the administration staff, I knew attending this school would be an exciting journey. The best thing about this school—is how much they care! From the admin, to finance, to the professors—they all want us to succeed.

I’m a single mother, a full time Team Manager at Apple, Inc, a small business owner, and a domestic violence advocate for a local non-profit organization. I am very grateful to have the flexibility of online classes and recorded lectures available at all times. The staff and faculty make themselves available outside of class and are quick to respond to emails. Seeking a mentor? The staff works to unite students to encourage us to work together and learn from each other.

My most profound, jaw-dropping moment was when I received a phone call from the Dean to congratulate me on passing the First Year Law Students Examination. It was most certainly the greatest feeling getting that letter in the mail, but it felt even more amazing that the AHU Law Family was celebrating my success with me!

- Amina Shabir

The school is growing—with many changes, and upgrades to tools, technology, classroom learning, and more. I encourage all to maximize the resources available. Reach out to your peers, professors, and the staff. But most of all—believe in yourself. You were meant for greatness. Joining us at AHU Law, is definitely the first step.


Amina Shabir

Juris Doctor Graduate, 2018
Student Spotlight

Amina Shabir, JD
Class of 2018


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