Third Year of Law School

Third Year

Third Year of Law School at AHUSOL - The Journey Continues Again!

By the third year of Law School at American Heritage University School of Law, most student are now in cruise control. Students who have not passed the First Year Law School Exam will have to be administratively dismissed from the JD program per the CalBar rules.

IMPORTANT: For any student looking to transfer their credits from a previously attended Law School to begin the third Year at AHUSOL, you will need to have successfully passed the First Year Law School Exam or your transfer credits MUST be from an ABA or Committe Accredited law school.

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During your third year,the following courses are offered:

Law 231: Evidence

This course teaches the standards that regulate the admissibility of proof at judicial proceedings placing special emphasis on the Federal Rules, California rules and general principles of evidence law. Students will study burdens of proof, relevancy, the hearsay rule and its exceptions, policy-bases exclusionary rules, legal privileges, expert and lay opinions, scientific, forensic and demonstrative evidence, impeachment, authentication, character and habit evidence, and presumptions.

Law 232: Constitutional Law

Students will study the United States Constitution, the three branches and structure of the federal government, limitations and scope of government power, judicial review, the role of the United States Supreme Court, the Bill or Rights, and personal liberties. Students will examine the constitutional distribution of power between the federal government and the individual states, and personal liberties under the Due Process clauses with special focus on fundamental rights, equal protection, and freedom of assembly, press, religion and speech.

Law 233: Corporations

This course is a didactic inquiry into the law governing American business enterprises. Students will study model, statutory and decisional law related to the formation and dissolution of private, public, close and limited liability corporations. Students will study the law governing public stock and securities transactions, dividends, mergers and hostile takeovers, and the rights of corporate shareholders. Students will study the respective roles, duties, liabilities, rights and remedies of shareholders and business decision-makers, including corporate directors, officers and subordinate employees.

Law 234: Agency and Partnership

This course is a survey of the law of various unincorporated business associations. Its purpose is to acquaint students with the fundamental legal elements of these business relationships and entities. This course will focus on the laws of agency and partnership including formation, termination, fiduciary responsibilities and raising capital concern


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Hanna Gover

Hey, Great Article, i have read it so many times and felt in love with it Sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

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Hanna Gover

Hey, Great Article, i have read it so many times and felt in love with it Sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

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