Transfer Student Application

Important Information

AHUSOL will award transfer credit to students where not limited by Bar regulations. Student will still be required to meet the minimum preparation time. Transfer students may need to repeat courses taken at other Law schools based on course availability.

Student must have passed the FYLSX or successfully completed first year at an accredited law school. AHUSOL will not grant credit for transferring courses exceeding number of units awarded by AHUSOL. See Cal Bar Rules for more information.

The California State Bar requires "student engages in a minimum of 864 hours of preparation and study each year for four (4) years."

Previously dismissed students can apply if credible evidence that the prior disqualification was not caused by the applicant's lack of capacity for the study of law or two (2) years have elapsed since the disqualification. Refer to policy.

Transfer Student

Congratulations on taking the next steps into continuing what you started in legal education. Please provide us with the following information to get your application started. Be prepared to check your email once you've completed the form below.

Transfer Student Application